Another weekend over for the team.
We started Saturday with the Rotax Classes and Mini.

In Mini we to the Track record, Win in heats, prefinal and Final with a 4,5sec margin in dry with Wilgot Edqvist. Our other mini driver Vigor Hjorvard racing his first race with the team this season, did big improvements during the weekend and also his best race for the season so far finishing 19th out of 44drivers with a unlucky start in the final.

In Rotax Junior we were running with 4 drivers.
The qualifying started with Patrick Rundquist running in 2nd(First season racing), Erik Bergstrand 7th, Lucas Stenberg 12th and Mathilda Olsson – our Top-Gun in Juniors this season so far, came 17th out of 27 drivers with a radiator failure on lap 2.
After the heats we were starting : P3 Patrick, P8 Erik, P16 Mathilda and P18 Lucas after the last to being in crashes in the heats.
We ran in P2 , P7 , P16 and P 18 in the prefinal.
The Final Started with Patrick dropping back to 3rd and pulling away with the first two drivers from the rest. After starting a fight for 2nd place the rest of the pack caught up and Patrick was pushed wide in traffic and ended up 7th with 2nd fastest time of the race. (His best result so far in his career.) Erik came in 8th fighting in the pack from position 2-10th also doing his best race ever. Lucas had to start from the back and drove up to 13th from being 20th after the first lap. Mathilda was involved in a start crash and had to chase back from being far behind the last driver on track, running in 20th with a race to forget. A lot of UPS and Downs in Juniors, but our pace was there.

DD2 Masters we were running with Pelle Mattsson, doing his opening race for the season. He ended up 9th with doing big improvements in his pace, not having the possibility to test before the race.

In Senior we were running with one driver this weekend, after David’s brother Joachim was involved in a big crash on the friday practise having to stay att the hospital over the night.
David did a superb race this weekend from his side. Running in 4th in the qualifying 0.096 from pole. Losing his chain running second in the first heat and being executed of another driver running 2nd in the second heat. Having to start from back P18 in the prefixal he came up to 9th with 2nd best time. In the final he did another perfect race running in 4th 0.1 from 3rd and 0.8sec from 2nd position.

On Sunday we were running 4 drivers : Wilgot , Oscar in J60 and Mathilda and Patrick in J125.

In J60 we were having some engine issues with Wilgot in the morning practise, not used to running the class just doing a jump in without testing before. Oscar was running 2nd fastest in the last morning practise. But still waiting for his Ricciardo Kart to be delivered , we were getting to much grip in the chassi for qualifying, with Wilgot and Oscar running in 8th and 9th.
After some crashed in the heats with rain and slicks and first tight corners, we were starting P10 and P12 with Wilgot. Both did a good prefinal with Oscar running in 8th and Wilgot 9th and Oscar getting an additional 3sec penalty moving him back to 12th for the final. In the Final they drove themselves up 6th with Wille and 9th with Oscar with both doing superb race. We just need to find some more power in the engines with J60 being a new class for the team.
In J125 both Patrick and Mathilda were showing top end pace but got into many unfortunate situations. Both Mathilda and Patrick hade to start far back after crashes in the heats. Patrick did a good prefinal driving up to 12th from 28. Patricks final took an end in the start. Mathilda who started from P18 in the final did a superb run coming up to 4th position in the final. Which made the end of here weekend joyful again.

Now the whole team will be focusing on MKR R├Ąttivik and Stockholm Race Weekend in the next 2-3 weeks.

More nice results to come!

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